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Bounce Back

Bounce back program at Riccarton PhysioRiccarton Physio is the only practice in the South Island (one other in Auckland) to have done the training and is able to offer this unique evidence based spinal stability program.

Bounce Back exercises are very specific and based on latest research into motor relearning and spinal stability muscle function. The exercise orientated program is supported by science and designed for anyone wanting to improve their core strength and control with exercise built to suit all levels of ability and fitness, from clients with significant spinal pain to post-surgical patients, to the elite athletes.

These are run in our gym with a small group of 4-5 participants. The course consists of eight one hour sessions over eight weeks with each class having eight exercises for each participant. The eight exercises then become that week’s home program. The early levels are very much motor learning (brain retraining) for correct muscle recruitment and firing patterns. The exercises will progressively get more difficult as you progress through each week/level.

The cost of the Bounce Back course is $295 for the 8 weeks. This includes a pre-assessment where we will scan your abdominal muscles and teach you the correct recruitment. A second US scan half way through the course will ensure you are working correctly and progressing well.

For further information please refer to the Bounce Back Website or have a chat to one of our therapists.


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