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Physiotherapy at Riccarton PhysioPhysiotherapy is the physical treatment of the body, usually by hands on techniques (manual therapy) to enable the recovery of the body suffering the effects of acute or chronic injury.

Injury can be traumatic or slow in onset and doesn’t have to be painful. However it is pain that usually leads patients to seek our help.

At Riccarton Physio we believe in a hands on approach (manual therapy) complimented with muscle balance assessment and correction for injury prevention.

Sports Injuries

From the top elite athletes to those back yard sports injuries we can help with them all.  Early intervention is helpful in getting you back to full health as quickly as possible.  Acute injury diagnosis and management will be followed by effective rehabilitation and finally working towards prevention of further injury.

Post Surgical

We have expertise with all post-op rehabilitation from hips, knees, shoulder and traumatic injuries.  We have excellent relationships with all of the orthopaedic and neuro surgeons and will liaise with them accordingly during your treatment.

Exercise Prescription

Our team all employ exercise prescription as part of your treatment plan.  This may be in the form of home exercises or a more formal gym based program.  We will set, monitor and adjust your program and goals as you progress through your recovery.


Spinal pain can be very debilitating, affecting all movement and your ability to work and function.  From a crink your neck to a disc prolapse, we can offer assistance with hands on treatment and management advice.  We also run Bounce Back classes which target your core strength.  This is fantastic for those chronic or recurrent back problems for post injury to prevent recurrence of your pain.  It aims to restore optimal recruitment of your core muscles for better stability of the spine.

Work Related Injuries

Riccarton Physio is able to provide Stay at Work (SAW) and Functional reactivation programs (FRP) should your injury result in you being off work.  This is a gym based rehab program aimed at returning you to the work force in optimal time and to prevent recurrence.

Talk to the team today about how our physiotherapy services can help you start living a pain free life!


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